Weekend Review - Love, Tears, & a Close Call with "Death"

Oh this weather has me wanting to be home all day long in workout clothes with my candles burning creating content for the blog, but instead I'm back in reality which means I'm working that 9-5 just like Dolly, but one day my dreams will come true and that won't be the case. In the meantime, I'll reminisce on the fun-filled weekend we had!

I'm typically the type of person whose brain is always "on" and just doesn't shut down, I'm restless, and it's physically impossible for me to know how to relax, but I'm trying to get better at balancing those things - key word, trying. 

This past weekend was just what I needed, though. It was a bit busy but not overly booked plus it consisted of our three month wedding anniversary (time went by SO fast!), date night, Netflix binging, bike rides, and time with friends.

Friday night we went to the movies to watch "Forever My Girl" and it was totally my husband's idea (don't tell him I said that, but I have the text to prove it just in case). I won't spill the beans on this one, but I will say that I thought the ending would be a little more dramatic and I did cry so there's that. The only downfall was the fact that I ate way too much candy and they didn't serve Dr. Pepper, only Coke, so I give it a 4 star rating for those factors. Oh, and I almost forgot, when I came home on Friday after work Justin already had the art hung up on the wall that I purchased from Hob Lob the other day. I didn't have to give him a friendly reminder to do that either so brownie points for JR!

On Saturday morning, we went for a long bike ride and I was finally able to show Justin the new mercantile area that was built not too long ago and I made sure that we rode by all the homes I want to buy in the Heights area to re-do in Joanna Gaines style . Afterwards, we binged watched one of our newest addictions - Hell on Wheels - on Netflix. I highly recommend it but if you're not into western style movies or are opposed to blood then you should avoid it like the plague.

Sunday we went to church at Grace Bible and we are really loving their service so far, which I also recommend visiting if you are in the market for a new church home. Justin and I then went to brunch at Barnaby's which was new for him and the food was to die for!!

That afternoon we did something new...we literally trapped ourselves in room for fun. It was for a friend's birthday and it was our first time at Escape Hunt so I had a little bit of anxiety going on, but it was a lot of fun! Our theme was NASA inspired (we live in Houston so duh!). The birthday girl and two others were in outer space and we had to save them as they couldn't safely come back to earth. YOU GUYS...WE ALMOST LET THEM DIE OUT THERE!!! We had to figure out binary numbers and all kinds of configurations and  I'm sorry but math isn't my thing so in my mind they were goners, but with 19 SECONDS TO SPARE WE SAVED THEIR LIVES! Dramatic I know, but our guide said that most astronauts don't make it back so I guess you could say I hang out with some smart cats.

All in all, it was an amazing weekend that led me to somehow "relax" in the sense that I was able to stop thinking about the stress of work and life and really just enjoy the moment. I hope your weekend allowed you to do the same!

If you're going to see "Forever My Girl" or have done an escape room before leave a comment and tell me about your thoughts on those experiences.

Lastly, let's all try to give ourselves a bit more grace during the week. I know we are all going through hardships, and if you aren't then you know someone who is, and on top of that we are always our own worst critics so if you're doing the best you can and working hard to reach your goals all while keeping a positive mindset, just know that it will pay off one day, hopefully sooner rather than later. BUT no matter how long it takes you please keep grinding, say your prayers, be thankful, and spread some cheer EVERYDAY!