The Good Guy, The (REAL) Bad Boy, & Prince Charming - A Dating Series

Well y'all, it's Tuesday and I just wish it was the weekend already. Last weekend was incredible as my husband's cook off team (Buns-N-Roses) at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo World Championship Bar-B-Que Cookoff placed 1st in ribs and won overall Grand Champion! Words can't express how hard those guys (and gals) work every year during cook off and they deserve every bit of praise for their hard work!

I just had to brag on them for a bit, but this post is about some exciting NEW CONTENT! A week ago, I posted on my Instagram story and asked what y'all would be more interested in - a series on my bad dating life or dating advice - and the people have spoken. You guys apparently want to hear about my dating history and ummm can I just say I've never felt so vulnerable before?! Like, I'm just a nobody in this big old world and somehow I'm putting my life on display for everyone to see. For me, my dating history is kind of embarrassing and a bit shameful, but at the end of the day I share things like this with others because I just want to make a difference. It's my hope that I can lead just one of you down a better path in life by sharing my story and I want to help you avoid making some of the wrong decisions I have made.

At this point in my life I've learned from my mistakes and I've moved on to become a better version of myself, but I do feel like my mess of dating is currently being turned into a message, and for that reason, I am sooo excited to share it with y'all. I will be as candid and real as I can be, but it still doesn't mean I'm not scared to talk about some of this stuff, because truth is, I think I'll be throwing some truth bombs that my parents and closest friends might not even know about. I've also never really dealt with some of the shame that I've carried with me for a while on some of this so it may be a bit therapeutic for me to share my story.

Full disclosure, I've only had three boyfriends in my whole life with random dates in between those relationships so for the sake of this series I'm going to talk about these three specific relationships and not the dating in between them. This series will consist of my high school boyfriend, my college/after college boyfriend, and my now husband.

This is going to be such an emotional roller coaster for me as I've buried this stuff and don't think about it much anymore, but it still cuts deep when I do think of some parts of my past. Honestly, some of the things I'll say you probably won't believe because it's so far fetched, but I promise it's all true. Be on the lookout for all the drama as I'll be posting "A Dating Series" every Tuesday and we'll go in the order I listed above.

Say some prayers for me and grab your wine sister because it's about to get REAL.