The Good Guy (Part 2) - A Dating Series

Before I continue sharing this story, I think it's important for you to know at this time in my life I was very involved in our Youth Group at the local Baptist Church. I truly had such an unexplainable love for God and I genuinely enjoyed being involved. Any time there was Wednesday Study Group or Youth Luncheon you could bet your bottom dollar I'd be there. It was such a big part of my life and I never felt like my parents forced me to be involved, well except for attending service on Sunday mornings. Other than that, it really was my personal decision to stay connected and get involved. Throughout this series, you'll see how my relationship with God dwindled away. It's really sad, but it's one of the biggest reasons I decided to create this blog, and I felt the need to mention this so that I can bring it to your attention. My hope for bringing this up is that you'll reflect on where your relationship is with Him and make it better. Now that you know this bit of information everything else will make a bit more sense as this series continues.

So, the summer approached and I was on my way to Church Camp. If I remember correctly, we were going to the Hot Hearts Conference somewhere near Leakey, Texas and I was so excited! How could you not be though?! It was a week spent with your closest friends, worship music that made your heart cry out, Bible verses that really applied to your life, and let's not forget the freaking banana boat and blob water activities! My heart was on fire for God that week, but then I came home, and reality hit. I kept wondering, "Do I confront the things in my life that I have a gut feeling aren't good for me?" OR "Do I come back home and ignore what's really tugging at my heart?" Well, I came home and chose option one and it was not easy by any means. 

At this point, Chance and I had been dating for about 10 months and everything was going well. We were having so much fun, my friends were his friends and vice versa, we didn't really fight and if we did it was over something really stupid. All in all it was fine, but ya know, we had done the deed and I knew it was wrong. We were young and impressionable, maybe pressured by friends, or thought it was what we were "supposed" to do. No matter what my excuse was, I knew it was wrong, and the thing was I really wanted to make things work with him. Like I said earlier, I really was head over heels for this boy and I couldn't see past Friday night lights, so even though it didn't make sense I knew what I needed to do.

I ended up breaking up with Chance and I remember telling him that I didn't think this was something God wanted me to continue. I had never been more real with someone in my life than this moment. He kind of laughed at me and thought I was joking but I wasn't. We didn't speak all summer long and it was the most boring summer I ever had. It wasn't unbearable or anything like that, just really boring. I wasn't really invited to do the things I used to do like floating the river or backroading. I still went out and hung out with friends, but there was a slight shift in friendships that summer. Looking back, it was a bit of foreshadowing of what was to come, but when school started back up things went right back to normal and I chose (keyword here) to overlook those feelings God put on my heart.

The first day back to school he was dressed really cute and it was definitely a hint of "see what you're missing" kind of thing. All it took was that outfit and seeing each other on the first day. I mean, I was kind of pathetic - like girlfriend, get it together, but I wasn't ready to let go of him at the time.  A few weeks into the new school year we began talking again and were back together before you knew it. My life had gone right back to square one and I was okay with that. Although I knew it wasn't the right decision, I still chose (keyword again) to go against those feelings God placed on my heart and chose (keyword one more time) to continue dating a guy that I really thought I had a future with. 

Oh, if I could tell that young girl what I know now, I'd say stick to your guns hun, but I don't think that would've mattered either. I was (and sometimes still am) a very hard-headed person so I got what I had coming to me.

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