My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts

If you know me personally then you know I have a unique obsession with listening to podcasts. I listen to them when I'm getting ready in the morning, when I'm at work, on a walk in the park, in the car...anywhere and everywhereeeeee. In all honesty, I'm not sure when podcasts became a "thing", but I I AM HERE FOR IT! I listen to one podcast, at least, per day, and they vary from entrepreneurship to motivational to faith-based. As long as it is the words are beneficial to me I'll give it a listen.

I think podcasts are a great way to gain knowledge in your personal and professional life. There are so many out there that suit any curiosity that you might have, but I've listed out my top five favorite podcasts. 

In no particular order and without further a they are!


RISE Podcast

She’s the creator of the new hit book “Girl, Wash Your Face” and her most recent “Girl, Stop Apologizing” (yes, girl, hit those links and buy the dang books! I read a chapter every night before I go to bed and let me tell you what - I AM LOVING IT!) I feel like Rachel and I could be besties if we ever met in real life. She has such a down to earth personality, speaks with kindness and integrity, and is the ultimate BOSS BABE! She runs a multi-million dollar media company, has written several books, and so much more. Her sweet hubby, Dave, will occasionally hop on the podcast and they’ll chat about it all – business, marriage, home life, etc. One listen and you’ll be hooked – I guarantee it!


Whine Down with Jana Kramer

Yes, this is the Jana Kramer who was on "One Tree Hill" that we were all obsessed with in High School. She’s now married with a cutie patootie daughter, and sadly, it’s no secret that her husband was unfaithful during their first year of marriage. With that experience and becoming a mother, she has used her journey to create one heck of a podcast for us! This is a real, raw podcast where Jana and her husband, Mike, chat real life stuff – cheating and rebuilding their marriage, mom life, s-e-x, and other good stuff. It’s a brand-new podcast which airs every Monday (finally something to look forward to on this dreaded day!) and currently there are only four full episodes + a few teasers which means you can literally catch up all in one day – you’re welcome! 😊


The MFCEO Project

Umm yeah, I know there will be one person out there that says this one isn’t very Christian of me to promote simply because of all of the f-bombs, but if you can look past all of those then you’ll actually get a fire lit within your soul and you will dominate your entire life! This podcast is all about becoming the CEO of your life, taking responsibility for your actions and learning how to improve your time management, attitude, and work ethic in order to become the person you want to be. When I say this one isn’t for the faint of heart, I mean it. Andy Frisella speaks about how he created his multimillion-dollar company, 1st Phorm, an all-natural supplement company, and the struggles that came with it. Along the way, he gives out so much free information about how to build culture within a company, how to network with the right people, what to do when your goals seem impossible to reach...any question you could ever want the answer to is in this podcast. He is very honest about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur and is a no BS kind of guy, and I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!


The GaryVee Audio Experience

My man GaryVee! He’s another guy that’s like Andy but far fewer f-bombs being thrown around with the same no BS mentality. He pushes listeners to think outside the box, be consistent, and work hard even when others think your dreams are unattainable. He's been in the media game for quite some time and he knows everything there is about social media and how to use it for good. For a guy who started out in the wine industry and is now a part of the sports and social media industry, I'd say he doesn't do too shabby of a job and he knows what he's talking about. One of my favorite things about his podcast is that he has several episodes that are only a few minutes long and others that are pretty lengthy. No matter how much time you have available you can always fit an episode into your schedule.



Goal Digger Podcast

The name totally gives it away. This one is also all about dreaming BIG dreams and doing all the things to get you to achieve them. Jenna Kutcher is a shining star and a true creative. I mean, she's a photographer, watercolor painter, and a big time marketing guru. She should be your go-to gal when you want to learn how to stand out from the sea full of online influencers and bloggers. She'll help you define what success means to you and will show you have to have fun along the way. The guest speakers she has are top notch and I know you will love this one! Seriously, just go look at her website, instagram, or any other social media platform to see all the pretty things - you will be inspired to create!

I hope y'all find wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration in all of these podcasts - I know I do! My best advice to make time for listening to the longer episodes is to do it while you're on a walk, driving in the car, or washing the dishes so like basically I'm asking you to multitask. Whether you are a guy or a gal I think, no I KNOW, you will find value in one of these so give it a shot and let me know what you think in the comments section.

K, thanks. Bye!