Pregnancy Announcement + Lessons Learned From My First Trimester

Well, the secret is out - I’m pregnant and boy oh boy (no pun intended) the first three months have been quite the journey. I kind of knew what to expect in the first trimester based on what other women have mentioned throughout my life but, when you’re in it to win it, it’s a whole other ballgame folks. I wanted to share a little bit about my journey thus far but more so about the things I’ve learned. I’m no expert so it’s sure to be a fun new journey!

One of the first things I’ve learned is NEVER take a pregnancy test when you’re home alone.

I’ll be honest, I knew there was a chance that I could be pregnant because you’re either protecting or you’re not, but there was still this part of me that thought “Nahhh I’m not that fertile. It’ll take some time.” Yeah, I was wrong. When I saw those two pink lines I was excited but there was no shortage of hyperventilating or tears. It’s truly a flood of all kinds of emotions and there’s no way anyone can prepare you for that feeling. Side note, I knew JR was on his way home so that’s the only reason I took it while he was gone. Even though I knew I wouldn’t be alone too long, it’s still not something I’d recommend. You’ll definitely want to share all the hugs and happy tears with your boo thang instead of being lonely and hyperventilating in the shower trying to get ready for Church like I did.

Those “common” pregnancy signs are very similar to Aunt Flo's signs.

I was just under five weeks when I found out so we found out pretty early. I know they say you’ll see the signs when you’re pregnant and you’ll just know it, but that’s a load of horse manure if you ask me. I say this because before I missed my period I was ravenous and couldn’t stop eating. I chalked it up to having too much good food around me that I didn’t want to miss out on since it was during Christmas. My little boobies were a little sore too, but again I knew I was about to start so I didn’t think much about it. Also, I didn’t know that in early pregnancy you will cramp and those cramps feel EXACTLY like that time of the month so it wasn’t really that obvious to me until Aunt Flo didn’t come to visit and then I finally figured it out.

“Morning Sickness” doesn’t happen only in the morning. Be sure to have a bag with you at all times. YES, at ALL times.

The nausea didn’t start until week 6 or 7, which is when most women find out they’re pregnant, but for me it wasn’t extreme nausea, nor was I vomiting at this point, so if I hadn’t taken a test already I’m not sure if I would’ve put two and two together. At week 7 my doctor said that since my nausea wasn’t terrible it probably wouldn’t get worse from here on out, but she was wrong. At the beginning of week 9 is when the vomiting started and y’all, I don’t know how to stop it. It happens once a day, sometimes multiple, at a random time - there is no pattern. I’ll wake up in the morning and will be face down in the toilet (or actually bathtub because toilets gross me out). Other times I’m puking my guts up 20 minutes after I eat. There isn’t anything that’s helped the vomiting but I will say Preggie Pops really did help settle the nausea when my nausea medicine began wearing off. At the time of writing this, I’m going on week 14 and the vomiting still exists. Not only do I vomit, but I do this really weird gagging/ dry heaving/ convulsing thing and it’s super awkward when you’re in a meeting at the office. They tell me that “it gets better” and I sure do hope so.

For a girl who loves to eat, the concept of food aversions is strange, but very real. Husbands, don’t ask your wife what she wants. She REALLY doesn’t know.

During weeks 7-10 food grossed me out. It wasn’t just one thing, it was everything. Even now at 14 weeks food is tricky. I don’t have any cravings yet but I’ll be sure to tell you when a certain smell or food needs to be at least a football field length away from me. It’s quite incredible how my senses have changed, super cool actually.

My skin looks like I’m going through puberty. Might as well place my current photo in my high school yearbook.

The last thing I’ll mention is the ACNE! I’ve never had acne before, not even as a teenager, so this is a whole new ballgame for me. At first I was only breaking out on my back, which I thought was from my sports bra but it eventually stopped. Then, it was on my face, mostly my jaw line, and I’m having a hard time not picking at it. I guarantee you I’ll have a few acne scars when I’m done with pregnancy. Nothing has really cleared it all up since it’s hormonal, but I will share a few things with you in the near future that have helped me out.

Sure, being sick most days totally sucks, but overall I’d say I’m more amazed at the visible and non-visible changes my body has been making over the last few months. I haven’t taken pictures and I don’t think I’ll keep track of those weekly either. It’s just not my thing. One thing I do love to do, and it’s a great way to get your spouse involved, is researching the changes your baby and body are going through each week. Tuesdays mark the “next week” for me, so every Tuesday either JR or myself will research the new changes that will happen in the upcoming week and read aloud to the other person what those changes are. It opens up the opportunity for both of us to share how we feel about this journey and just chat about how life is changing and how it will change in the future. It’s so fun and so sweet to see him talk about this little one. Ugh, my heart (and ovaries) just can’t take it!!

How was your first trimester? Did you experience these same symptoms? Was it easy or difficult for you? Share your experience with us! I’d love to learn more.