How I Met My Husband

It’s October which means Pumpkin Spice Lattes, cute fall outfits, pumpkin patches, but most importantly, it’s our //O-N-E YEAR WEDDING ANNIVERSARY// so I thought what better way for you to get to know me, well us technically, than to share the story of how we met!

It’s one of my favorite things to talk about and I’m literally smiling as I type this right now. The night we met was one of my most coveted memories while living in Houston and it truly made me fall in love with living here. The night we met made me feel so alive and if I say “It was the best night of my life” well, that’s an understatement.

Getting all sappy in 3-2-1 and go!

On Saturday, March 15, 2015, I went out with my roommate in Midtown at Little Woodrow's. At the time it was my favorite outdoor patio space to play Cornhole, Giant Jenga, and drink a nice cold Leprechaun Cider. It happened to be St. Patty's Day weekend and so the place was packed with people and Green Beer.

My roomie and I were meeting up with a few different friend groups of ours. , but things happened. One group of friends had already had their fun for the day and needed to head home, while the other was running late. In the meantime, while we waited everyone else to arrive we grabbed a table and tried to make new girl friends. Well that was an EPIC fail so we ended up having this big picnic table to ourselves and were still waiting for our friends to arrive.

All of a sudden a random group of five guys decided to just sit at our table directly across from us. Hella awkward and we pulled a Mean Girls on them, but they didn’t leave. We weren’t exactly nice to them and had a few sarcastic lines to dish out to these random guys. After a few minutes of banter, we all introduced ourselves and mentioned our hometown's to one another and that's when the magic began.

As my friend and I said we were from Weimar, Justin and his brother mentioned they had family land in Hallettsville, which is about 30 minutes from where we grew up. Conversation went on for hours, and before we knew it it was closing time, and we all went our separate ways.

The next day, Justin invited me to brunch with two of his friends, and surprisingly, it wasn't weird at all. The only thing awkward was that his guy friend was secretly taking pictures of me and sending them to their group of friends. I didn't know that happened until a year into dating Justin when he told me about it. LOL

On Tuesday, Justin and I went on our first date to Escalante's in the Galleria and then they went to have drinks afterwards. We had so much fun! He was such a gentleman, opened my door for me, and there wasn’t any pressure at all.

A few days go by and I flew out to California for two weeks for work. During this time, we didn't speak much, but Justin was really looking forward to an Engagement Party that he invited me to once I got back from Cali. The day I got back from California I went to Dripping Springs, TX to work a wedding, but I had promised Justin I'd be back by noon on Saturday for the party.

Full disclosure, I really did have every intention of going back to Houston to meet up with him, but ya know, my bestie was living in Austin at the time and girl time is the best time - AMIRIGHT?!

But also, when I was in California I began having second thoughts about going to the party with Justin. I wasn't really sure how I felt about him, and I was confused why this random guy was being so nice to me and inviting me to such an important life event for his engaged friends. I was loving being single at the time and started overthinking everything, so I did what any other girl would do and told a little white lie. I said that while I was in Dripping Springs for the wedding that I didn't have cell service (which was partially true), except for when I decided to drive to North Austin to visit Erin for girl time. OOPS!

Justin kept calling and texting, and I’m a horrible person, but I completely ignored his texts and calls for the weekend.

It's now Sunday afternoon, and I’m back in Houston talking with my roomie about what happened and I was feeling a bit guilty about ghosting on him. I ended up texting Justin and proceeded to tell the nice guy what nice guys always hear, which was that I "wasn't sure if I was into him" and I followed up with the overused line of "I just want to be friends". Well, you see he didn't exactly like that answer, but he remained a gentleman and said that "if that's what you want then okay", even though he didn't really mean it.

Y’all I crushed his poor soul and he was still SO FREAKING NICE TO ME!! Looking back on this I feel like such a terrible person and I want to punch myself in the face for acting like such a little bia to him.

Two weeks go by, and again, I was acting like a total girl and was wondering why he hadn't called or texted me. I mean it had NOTHING to do with ditching the poor guy or saying that I wanted to be friends (eye roll) Now I was feeling really guilty that I had lied, because I knew there was just something about him that I really like. How can you turn down a guy who was so respectful and genuine guy and who had amazing friends?! The answer is you can’t, so I text him and asked if I was still invited to another dinner party that he had previously invited me to attend. Luckily for me, he said "sure if you want to", and so I decided to go. That was the day, I had to put my pride aside, accept that I was wrong (I’m never wrong so that was hard), and I decided to pull Justin out of the friend zone.

Since then, we’ve done so much together - Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties, celebrated friends getting engaged and married, traveled together, drank our body weight in alcohol during tailgates and birthday celebrations (Hence the photo in a bar when he threw up on me for his birthday!) and supported each other through big wins like completing a Half Marathon and winning the Houston Rodeo Cook-off.

It’s been quite the journey already and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us!